The Artist Project – Toronto

The Artist Project is a contemporary art exhibition in Toronto. The exhibition runs from February 22nd to February 25th showcasing 100’s of artists with an enormous variety of styles all beautiful in their own ways. Every booth is an opportunity to look through the artists unique lens and provide a fresh perspective for anyone who is having a creative block, or just wants to look at some new art! You also have a chance to interact with the artists and understand their thought process when creating their work, along with their muses and inspirations.

Gold Leaf Art
Artist – Dalia Elcharbini

I had the pleasure to talk to some of the artists. The first artist I spoke with was Dalia Elcharbini a lovely artist that creates art pieces with 23 karate gold leaf, which draws attention to her detailed graphite sketches and portraits. Her pieces elicits an emotional response, the gold adds a warm ambiance and glow around the faces she creates and enhances the depth of the graphite, both contrasting mediums creates a beautiful effect.

Mixed Media Art- Astronaut
Artist – David Krovblit – Astronaut – Porthole

The second artist I spoke to was David Krovblit his art is vibrant and colourful mixed media pieces. His art work called Porthole – Astronaut is inspired by space, technology and nature and how they exist together or rather should co-exist together and that their should be peace & harmony between these elements. This beautiful piece makes you question the relationship between these three things and the future of them and how it relates to us as humans.

Acrylic Painting
Artist – Carlos Delgado

The next artist I talked to was Carlos Delgado an artist who creates strikingly bold paintings of peoples faces. He describes his inspiration as people that he encounters everyday, such as in the subway looking at them and snapshotting an image of their energy in his mind’s eye. Then what he ends up painting is from his memory of that individual, he captures their essence through paint. When you look at his paintings you can really feel the aura of the person through the paint their energy is conveyed by the strokes and vivid colours.

Here are some other artists that also caught my eye!

This was a great event to check out, I definitely suggest this event to artists, graphic designers, art lovers and anyone looking for a little bit of inspiration, check it out next time around!

Here is a link to check out all the artists and more visit:

3 thoughts on “The Artist Project – Toronto

  1. wow…that is some wonderful art. The first one made me think of my poem “it’s in the eyes” I sure could have used that one for an illustration. Not that advance with my web-designing. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your gift and eye for art

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