Spring Trends 2018: Marble Diy

The marble interior decorating trend has already entered the realm of fashion as we know. We already saw marble appear in accessories, notebooks, phone cases, but now it’s spread to fashion. It’s here to stay throughout 2018. I personally love this trend, it’s so clean, classy and a sprinkle of edgy. The look and the print of marble standout yet is not so in your face unlike other crazy prints we see on the runway. You can easily dress it up or down. You can pair this look with other neutrals and have a minimalist accent, lets say with a scarf or shoes or you can also pair it up with other prints if you are feeling more daring!

Here are some examples of cute marble fashion accessories I purchased. The first item is these pair of white and grey marble print shoes from Ardene only for $24.99, what a deal! The second item is surprisingly from Micheals craft store, I got this lovely marble stone ring (ps. I added the gold touch on the stone, with gold nail polish). There are actually so many beautiful jewels, gems, beads and knick knacks you can use to make and customize your own jewelry, so all my diy queens go take a look!



If your having trouble finding your perfect marble piece you can easily do this fun marble diy! Grab a white/black or any other colour (if you are feeling more wild) pair of shoes or accessories you can paint on. Get some gold leaf and your choice of acrylic paint and some mod podge at your local craft stores or Micheals, thats where I get my supplies. Then get a image of an example that you would like to follow and a paint brush and start painting away, seal with mod podge and let dry for a few minutes.

marble necklace diy
1. Get your materials
marble diy
2. Start painting
marble diy
3. Use reference image to paint (optional)
marble necklace
4. Optional use mod podge to glue on gold flakes. Use mod podge to seal everything on top!

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