Spring Trends 2018 II: Clear Plastic Diy

Spring is finally here in Toronto! Half of April still felt like winter, but it’s finally starting to warm up & it’s almost May! Time for the flowers to start blooming, that idea + the clear plastic trend which teeter-totters between fun and trashy and is sweeping up all the forevers and Urban whatevers, inspired me to come up with a fun little diy accessory.

Inspired by the resin cuffs, I thought it would be fun to re-create a similar effect with clear plastic material, which should be cheaper with clear plastic fabric and should be quicker and easier to make. The flower would be artfully laid out on the plastic to give it this beautiful almost floating flower effect.

You can follow what I do or even customize your own and add other things instead of flowers, you can even do gold flakes, sequins, whatever the hell you heart desires!

*Side note, the stuff written in italics are of just me making extra commentary/ more detailed instructions, but if your like me & don’t care for instructions much you can skip it booboo.


Step 1:

Grab all the goodies (materials): Here’s what you need.

Plastic fabric  (Fabric Land) I paid $2-$3 for 10cm by 1 meter
Fake Flowers or Gold Flakes  (Dollarama baby or Micheals)
Mod Podge  (Micheals) It’s a glue and a sealant/gloss, 2-1 cause that’s how we like it.
Crab Clasp  (Micheals) $5-$6, make sure you use that 40%-55% online coupon.
Chain  (Micheals) But, I’m re-using what I have, cause I recycle girl, you should too!
Metal Tong Clippers/Box Cutters: (Garage) I mean your garage or dad’s tool shed.
Lobster Claw Hook:  (Red Lobster) Just kidding Micheal’s Obviously, it’s the closing.
Ruler: (Your Pencil case) So you have a straight cut, unless your a rebel and want a jagged looking piece. 



Step 2:

Cut that plastic depending on the thickness of the width you want, I trust you do them measurements. Also you either cut one strip if you decide you want the flower texture to pop, or cut 2 if you want the flowers to be incased in between so it looks smoother, it’s also less likely to peel off in time when in cased.



Step 3: 

Glue or mod podge those flowers on, go wild! You can fill it up if you wanna be a real flower child or go more minimal and have it as a accent. If you wanna be extra fancy like me you can add gold flakes for some extra glow.

Step 4:

Seal everything baby! On the top as well if your only doing 1 strip of plastic, if your using 2 pieces then it’s optional to use extra glue if you want extra security for those dainty petals.


Step 5:

 Let everything dry up and get those clippers and put on those clasps on the ends of the strip of the plastic material. Make sure you press down tight enough, you want those clasps to be clawing down at your material.



Step 6:

Add you chains, 2 chains + add the lobster claw. Voila! there you have it your own fantastic piece of plastic, with dancing flowers.  

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