Art at the ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum has many cool artifacts if your a nerd like me & have a love for history, art or science, than ROM is the spot ,yes I am sure you went with your grade 8 class here on a field trip still cool nonetheless!

Most people go there for all the historical artifacts but there is also art there of contemporary artists. You may even find your muse(s) there, she lingers waiting to catch your eye, if you just keep them open. There was one piece of art that really caught my eye called ‘Anima Mundi’ by Theo Eshetu. The art piece is a video that has immersed many clips in one representing various cultures, traditions, patterns and landscapes with an almost kaleidoscope look to the video. What makes it even more mesmerizing is that it is encased in this box full of mirrors surrounding the video, which reflects the video and makes it that much more enchanting because you feel immersed in it (me & my friend hogged that area for a good 15 mins hypnotized by it). I can chatter on about it but go check it out for yourself, I’m sure you will get glued to the piece like we did. You can check out the videos of the art piece on my instagram, since WordPress won’t let me post because I am on the student version of the platform.

Video Link

Art by Theo Eshetu
Anima Mundi by Theo Eshetu
Art by Theo Eshetu
Anima Mundi by Theo Eshetu

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