Summer Trend 2018: Fanny Pack Diy

The 90’s is back baby, in full blast, so get your mama’s fanny packs out, but if she threw hers out just read ahead and learn how to DIY your very own fabulous fanny pack.

Funny thing is I used to talk so much smack about them fannies, but if you style them right they can look fantastic with the right outfit and pair of shoes, and then bada bing you have a recipe for a bad mama jama (insert fire emoji, cause I’m trendy like that). You bet now I’m all about it, not just them fannies but also those curly chockers, and I wanna rock them 90’s fashion, you know those things my mama didn’t let me wear obviously cause I was like what 3, mama didn’t want a sassy swaggy baby!

This was a spring trend that’s transitioning into this summer, also sometimes you just don’t wanna break your shoulder holding a purse, so save your shoulder muscles boo and rock a fanny. I been seeing these fanny packs everywhere and yes you bet I bought one from Ardene. Though the one I really wanted that caught my eye was more pricey, from Steve Madden, so I thought let me try to diy this and actually it’s pretty simple to diy, so here it is finally.

Step 1:  Get your ingredients and lets start cooking
Black Purse

Here’s all you will need:

A small purse, with removable strap (you can use an old one, or find a cheap one at a thrift store)

Chain belt (you can make your own get chain from a specialty fabric/craft store there’s tones of them downtown)

*Optional: Extra chain or trinkets to decorate it

Step 2: Time to assemble



Try the belt on and make sure you know where you wanna position the clutch, once you decide just pull the chain through the purse handle loops.

Step 3: Put it on & be fabulous!

Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack Model

It’s as easy as that and now go out and shake what your mama gave you, this may give your mom flash backs to her youthful days, so beware she may snatch it from you and wear it.

Fanny Pack Model

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