DIY Jewelry Headpiece

It’s wedding season and that inspired me to wanna get down with my cultural Indian heritage. The fashion is so beautiful and can be very ornamental, when you get dressed for an Indian wedding your basically dressing up like a Christmas tree adorned in jewels vibrant colours and sparkles. Inspired by using all that I have, I have conjured up a simple and cute Indian headpiece jewelry, called a ‘tikka’ in Hindi.

This diy is also inspired by recycling, reusing and being a little bit more environmentally friendly and  create less waste, so everything I use is parts of old pieces of jewelry that I haven’t worn in a while. This idea of recycling also appealed to me because I’m a student, I’m on that student budget life. I hope this inspires you to grab a old piece of jewelry and get crafty & creative, so no purchase necessary! Put your coins and cash away girl your gonna save some dough this time.

Here let’s get started!

Jewelry Diy

Step 1: All you need is some magic:

-Old Ornamental Statement Necklace(s)
-*Optional: trinkets (I used an old earring droplet)

Wow that’s it, yes that’s all you need.

Jewelry & plierDiy Jewelry Headpiece

Step 2: Assemble

Literally you could just plop the necklace on your head like an OG. For more precision grab your pliers and pull apart/ unhinge the ornament, you want try to choose something towards the end that connects to the chain so it’s easier & you have less steps. Otherwise your gonna have to pull it apart and then re-attach it to the chain side that has the lobster clasp ( that’s gonna be used to hold on to your hair.)

Diy Jewelry HeadpieceIMG_2307

Diy Jewelry Headpiece

Step 3: Optional

You can add additional trinkets if theres a loop opening  at the end. Otherwise there you have it something old, turns into something new!


Diy Jewelry Headpiece

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