Banksy in Toronto

Banksy’s Exhibition has arrived in Toronto, me and my friends went to go visit the   exhibition. He has some cool pieces up, thought provoking pieces but a little bit pricey for $35, if you ask me for street art.

Hey wait this is street art now & an exhibition on street art actually seems quiet anti-Banksy now that I think of it, because of how politically controversial Banksy’s art is and how anti-establishment he or she is. It seems almost like an oxymoron because Banksy is known for mocking the masses & now Banksy is selling to the masses, politically bashful and anarchist vibes thrown at the viewer by B through the art, at some points made the whole exhibition seem like a lovely executed joke. I only say joke because B is well known for being a big prankster like when B, organized a big prank for all the Paris Hilton’s music fans (I didn’t know there were any) but basically B helped another artist gather tracks put together a cd and used Paris Hilton’s cover as their own & it was sold in music stores and a cute surprise to the Paris Hilton Fans when they listened to the CD. Funny thing was that the cd was displayed at the exhibit along with the story. Enough of me blabbing here’s some pictures snapped by yours truly at the exhibit.


art by Banksy

Art by Banksy

Another thing is we don’t even actually know who Banksy is, for all we know Banksy could be the old lady across the street, a middle school principle, a gang leader, your friendly neighbourhood baker, who knows really. Yes that is why I kept saying B cuz we can’t 100% be sure of Banky’s gender so I thought I would make it easier on my beloved viewers to throw in a cute nickname, rather then assume B’s gender. I’m just amazed at all the charges B has with the some of the illegal activity, I mean art that an exhibition was even permitted, there are some ideas running around that Banksy may be even connected to some government bodies, or that the real B didn’t even permit for this exhibit to happen and someone else is cashing in on it but again who really knows. ANYWAYS I enjoyed the exhibition regardless! Thanks for tuning in on my conspiracy theorist type vibes post on Banksy!


My friend is praying to the Graffiti God before we leave the exhibit, Amen!

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