Fashion on a Budget!

I know those 2 words together might sound scary if you have expensive taste, it’s okay you can always look expensive but be thrifty if your good at catching deals & I will show you how.

Sometimes  when your on a tight budget & when you gotta decide over having fancy drinks with your girlfriends at that bougie new club or get those new Nike shoes, you gotta pick between the 2 or even better none are an option cause your a broke student or in between job (jobless). Which I am both & I’m wearing it like a badge! (kinda, not really), I got tips for all of you, so here it is a list of budget friendly fashion tips for those with champagne taste but beer pocket budgets!

Tip# 1: Check your self before you wreck yourself. Haha just kidding.
Check out your local thrift store

Thrift stores can be great spots to find vintage pieces or one of a kind pieces, but honestly even for basic  pieces & if your lucky you can find all of that & more in one shopping session. Although you just have to be patient make sure you gotta an extra hour or 2 to scope around the place it takes some time to find those gem pieces. The best is when you find an expensive brand that was priced a little bit too low, woah jackpot. Honestly sometimes you find treasure but sometimes you just find trash, but if your patient, have nothing better to do that day and your up for the adventure then check it out ! Also keep an eye out when visting the thrift store sometimes they have 50% off sales on certain days, Usually once a month or every 2 months, I know at least for a fact that Value Village has these sales. You can also get additional discounts when you donate items, you can get a stamp card, or even on your receipt get an additional $2-3 off your next purchase just something to keep in mind for you frugal Sallys.

Tip # 2: Best Time to Shop/ Discounts

Maybe some of you know this but always shop either at the end of the month or the end of a season/beginning of a season cause that’s when you get all those great deals. Because the retailers wanna get rid of their old suff, or stuff from the last season to make room for the new products. So no booboos you don’t have to wait til Boxing Day to shop with all the other lunatics running around, although end of boxing week is not to bad, a little more tame atleast, cause screw stuffy sweaty crowds. When shopping online, make sure you sign up with whatever store your thinking of purchasing from cause they almost always email you 10-15% off your first purchase. There’s also this discount plug-in/extension for Google Chrome or Safari that you can download called ‘Honey’ that alerts you when your online shopping of the promo codes you can use automatically to get a discount on your purchases.  Also tip save some of that shopping around for around the time of your birthday, because some brands will give you a special birthday discount/free gift. Pro tip from Youtuber Nava Rose, she sometimes shops in the little boy/big girl section especially if your petite you can find decent name brand items, like I got me a nike t-shirt for $8-$10 from the big boys section, yea it was a little snug, but still looks good.

Tip # 3: Clothing Exchange

I know of clothing exchanges that happen, usually at schools and community centres that set up these eco-friendly & sustainability initiatives. Basically you bring an item you want to exchange or give away, when you find something you like you can exchange with the other person or host. I think it’s great because it promotes being environmentally friendly while being fashion forward.

I also know that there also thrift stores or consignment stores that will buy clothes off or give you a store credit. I know that in the GTA Pluto’s Closet is one of them, they tend to buy certain brands, like TNA or Nike.

You can also go digging in your mama’s closet, I’m sure you will find some retro gems from the 80’s or 90’s as long as she didn’t throw them out. If you got siblings please go rob their closets, I mean what are siblings for right, or even swap clothes with friends, hey maybe you can save a couple of bucks like that instead of getting a brand new item that your gonna wear once or twice just go digging in your friends closet.

Tip # 4: Go do some diys already or check out my diys for inspiration!

Another option is to not shop at all & make the best of what you got in your groovy closet. Turn something old into something new and fabulous, go look up some diys there are a ton of them out there, check out some Youtubers that can give you ideas, some of my favs include Nava Rose, Amber School, PAQ. Better yet check out my diys if you want accessories and jewelry ideas. My last tip for refreshing your wardrobe is going wild with the accessories, a great hat, scarf, necklace can spruce up an outfit. Even wearing some funky shades, doing your hair differently, wearing that fabulous hat with those sweat pants can keep things looking hella fresh, without trying too hard, yet being comfy.

Those are some of my tips, if you have any more ideas please share, I would love to know more! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (maybe that was too many xo’s you get the point though ) 😉


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