DIY Gratitude Jar




Today’s post is all about gratitude, were gonna be making diy gratitude jars!

Hey guys! This post is a little late, I know it’s been a while since I have posted but I was busy with school, work, family over on the holidays, I’m, back now! I had a lot of different ideas for posts, but this tugged at me since it’s a new year, woah! 2019 new year & a new me, just kidding same me, but new year. I got inspired to make a gratitude jar. I was meditating with the calm app & was following their ‘New Year’ meditation. I was thinking of everything that made me grateful, and how good that made me feel, it made me wanna get back to my gratitude practice and appreciate the things that I already have on a more regular basis. I know when the new year comes along most people think about changes that they wanna make, they tend to be very critical of themselves, of their goals, their diet, lifestyle, which can be great, if done for the right reasons but sadly sometimes the spark for change comes from sometime a harsh critical inner voice.

I thought for the new year I wanted to focus on what I already have, rather then the things that I don’t have. I had the intention of doing this awhile back but didn’t get to finish it. The reason why I think a gratitude  practice is so important, not just to be sweet & cheesy but for a more practical reason, in the sense that it’s a reality check or even a perspective check, especially when your feeling gloomy and down, it’s also a preventative measure for the blues. A regular gratitude practice , where you come to appreciate different blessings & things in your life, can actually boosts your happiness & increase positivity, which may in turn decrease depression, because of the shift in focus. I had a heard about this while on the calm app, I was listening to a calm masterclass led by happiness expert Shawn Achor, talking about some the research of the link of happiness to gratitude.  Comment below if your interested in that research I can provide you with some links.

Let’s get to it , a gratitude jar is pretty simple  you just need a jar, I’m using a cute ass glass mason jar my mama doesn’t want anymore. Then grab a sheet of paper & write things your grateful for, a line or two will do. You can even write things that make you laugh or smile, a happy memory that swells your heart with joy, write as many as you can baby! Then fold it up and throw them in the jar & pick one out everyday or when ever you feel a lil blue, it could put a smile on your face.

I thought though why not add a fun twist to it, so it can be a cute decor piece for your room! Let’s paint that jar up baebae I decided it would be fun to paint the jar inspired by the galaxy & gold using acrylic paint but of corse you can paint it how you like to match the decor of your room. Here’s all you need:

1. Jar
2. Acrylic paint (Black/ any other colours you want)
3. Gold Paint
4. Paint Brushes
5. Paper & Pen/Pencil
6. Gold Foil or Sparkles if you feel fancy honey


Step 1:

Grab your jar, clean it if it’s dusty like mine was & get the rest of your supplies



Step 2:

Get a cup of water for your brushes & start painting. I started off with a coat of black coat & you can look at an image of the galaxy for the reference.

Painting JarPainted Black Jar

Step 3:

I added spots of gold and some tiny twinkle stars, just have fun with it, If you wanna add colour add it before adding the gold.

Gold & Black Diy JarBlack JarGold & Black Diy Jar

Step 4: Optional

Add some paint to add or glue if you have any to to stick the gold foil on if you decide to use it. I think the foil makes it more magical & inviting.

Gold & Black Diy JarGold & Black Diy Jar

Step 5:

Let everything dry, get your paper, cut it into to strips & put it in the jar, & voila there you have it!



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