Just Do It!

Hey! guys I know it’s been super long since I posted, since around New Years but I got super busy with school and portfolio projects (I’m in Graphic Design), that’s why I haven’t posted. I also have started a YouTube channel (link below) that I am super excited about, because for sooo long I was thinking of starting one & I finally decided to stop over thinking and just go for it! Anyways let’d get into the pulp of it.

So much has happened recently had some family members & both grandparents pass away, a lot going on, it really got me thinking that life is so short and precious, you gotta appreciate your loved ones and all the blessings you have, work hard, work smart and play hard and make the most of your time. We sometimes get so caught up in our problems (or ‘perceived problems), fears and anxieties, we let ourselves think they are bigger than us, but one single thought changed how I see my ‘issues’ & ‘anxieties’. This might seem a little edgy or ‘morbid’ as my cousin puts it, that thought was that we’re all gonna be in the ground one day, we will be dust, so do all these lil things we worry about really matter? That thought has calmed me down, when feeling anxious, made me feel less stressed, helped to gain perspective and detach from the overwhelm. When we let our fears get in our way we miss out on all the great things and opportunities right in front of us!

That being said there’s so many things that I had been wanting to do and I kept over thinking, always waiting for the right moment, thinking that I should wait for the perfect moment, but honestly there’s never gonna be a perfect moment and if you keep waiting for that perfect moment your life might just pass you by..When I thought that I said I have to start my YouTube channel and not making excuses, now here I am just 2 weeks since I started my channel I have 5 videos, made by my iPhone, but you gotta start somewhere, Rome wasn’t but in one day.

I feel like I have blabbed on for a bit, I actually talk out loud as I type lol, but please feel free to check out my channel for some more of me actually blabbing, diys and fun challenges!

Check Out My Channel!



2 thoughts on “Just Do It!

  1. So awesome to hear you are taking control of your anxiety! It’s funny that our brains make it sound like such a big deal and then we realize.. like what??? Supporting you on your journey into the unknown! ♥️

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