Getting out your Comfort Zone!

Woahhh guys I didn’t even plan this post out, this post was dedicated for one YouTube challenges which revolves around time management and being productive, so I thought let’s get to writing I am just putting this down on a whim & adding a challenge to my challenge!

Even though this post wasn’t quite planned out, but some of the best things are spontaneous and random, lol my arms hurt cuz I’m trying to type as fast as I can cuz I put a timer for 30 mins to write & post! Woah challenge. Anyways enough blabbing, here’s what you came for!

This is something that has been on my mind for a while, because honestly I felt like a chicken for most of my life, even  though I try to act like a ‘tough guy’ (tough girl) sometimes ahaha which is why I enjoy lifting weights cuz it makes me feel strong in the moment, because initially I felt like a weakling, could barely do a push up! FOCUS FLO, sorry just had to remind myself.

Getting out of your comfort zone is what life is all about, sorry to break it to you guys & myself but that’s how you get the most of your life, all the things that I do now that I enjoy in my life and has greatly improved my life initially started off as something uncomfortable (meditation almost everyday, some discipline, writing out a daily schedule working out, yoga, youtube, laser hair removal, blogging, eating healthy- that one is still debatable, I still struggle with that one). But all these things have greatly opened up my perspective in ways I wouldn’t of expected, discomfort is the cousin of fear especially when you stop it from doing what you should do or want to do. This relates to my last post of just doing it!! (dang Nike gotta give you credits eyyy, good tagline btw). Stay tuned fabulous people I will be posting randomly, probably should make a regular schedule, but surprises are fun aren’t they?

Let me know in the comments below how you overcame fear or getting out you comfort zone below let’s chit chat.


3 thoughts on “Getting out your Comfort Zone!

  1. Well, I can relate to that! And you do feel proud when you do something that is out of your comfort zone and I guess, you just have to go for it while hoping for the best! It is hard in the beginning, but it gets better 🙂


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