Art, a Form of Healing

For all of you creatives out there, I’m sure you know just how healing art is, haha not to be cheesy or anything (I love cheese but I’m lactose) to express yourself is of the highest form of freedom. To break free from the shackles of what is & create something, birth a new idea, it is what I live for. Expressing myself through various creative mediums that be writing, dancing, drawing, diy-ing/crafting, cooking, digital designing, envisioning something new has lifted me from various states of pain & brought me into a state of pleasure.

To dedicate my love for art, I thought why not create some of art, join me why won’t you? perhaps this will help to relieve some stress and get you to connect with your inner child. The theme is ‘The world through a fresh pair of eyes’ it is open for interpretation through various mediums of art, I chose to sketch! What do you choose, share below your ideas, or pictures if you created something below!

I drew this..siren we will call her with starry eyes, also was listening to the song ‘Imagine’  from Arianna, as you can see in the 2nd shot. I haven’t drawn eyes in a long time, so I’m a lil rusty & I got really carried away with the dots, she looks like she’s got some extra heavy duty eyeliner (a lil raccoon-y but that’s okay that’s how we like it?! maybe) It was fun & relaxing at the same time, give it a go guys!



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