Fashion Through The Ages

As you guys know I have a love for fashion, it’s a form of expression to me and I thought it would be interesting to look the origin of fashion, basically the history of from cave man time to modern times and some interesting tid bits of facts and stories, your in for a ride so buckle up my lovely fashionistas & fashionistos?? (idk if that’s the male term, maybe I just made up a word today hmm..)

So I started digging up and doing some research here’s some cool facts about cave people friends (or should I say our ancestors) The first ‘clothing like’ artifacts that cave people wore included animal skins, animal furs, a lot of the ‘fashion’ was more functional than anything, they were meant to keep them warm and to protect them which of course makes sense for the time being, it was all about survival mode, but that didn’t stop them from being fashionable! They also indulged in the finest jeweleries of their time which include teeth-y necklaces, stone necklaces, sea shell bracelets, I’m sure they got bored too sometimes so I’m not surprised that they made & indulged in those jewelries. The jewelry also had function, it was a way for different community members to identify & distinguish  themselves. This dates back to 75, 000 years ago in South Africa, which I think is quiet impressive wasn’t expecting jewelry to date that long ago, but see no matter how long back, we humans care wayyyy too much about the way we look, doesn’t matter if were being chased by a lion in sub Sahara Africa or chasing a cab down in New York city.

animal teeth necklace

There was a long gap for human kind & fashion, there wasn’t much of a contrast along that waiting period, until we bursted out of our seams and wanted something new! Fast forward to 2,000 – 4,000 years ago in lovely ancient Egypt, this was a civilization that was up to par at their time when it came to fashion, the Queens, Pharaohs and royalty made a dent in the fashion scene, they known for ornate jewelry, gold, jewels (blue lapis, amethyst) amulets, headdresses (for royalty) linen dress, linen loin cloths (for men), the linen helped them stay cool, of course they wore sandals (their in a dessert!). What they really were known for was ‘eyeliner’ they were one of the first civilizations to adopt make-up into their everyday looks, they were even known to use perfume as deodorant!

Ancient Egyptian Fashion

Moving along to 500 – 1,000 years ago, around the ‘Middle Ages’ many women wore ‘veils’ (dictated by the church for modesty reasons) they eventually changed to headdresses. When it got colder capes and shawls were a thing to wear with a brooch.

18 century women

In the 18th century corsets were the thing to wear I think many women probably hated it because of how tightly it would cinch in the waist all for the sake of that Coca Cola body shape, that hourglass figure but exaggerated! It what was seen as feminine and womanly.

Fast forward in the 1920’s the ‘flapper’ look was in short hair and short skirts was the thing, along with bold prints and colours influenced by the ‘Art Deco’ scene.

In the late 1940’s to early 1950 that Coca Cola silhouette came back into play after the war, when WWII was in effect women had to take on more non traditional work and took place of the men. It’s like in a sense when the war ended to restore things back to a more traditional time, that took effect in women’s fashion for more hourglass feminine silhouettes, waist cinching skirts were the thing and pants not so much, the pin up look was born in this time with the red lip & winged liner. See fashion is not usually random it’s heavily influenced by the societal norms, values, economic status, politics and cultural climate.

1950's dress ad

If you enjoyed that comment below, if you your interested in learning about fashion trends after the 50’s and onward or other era/cultural fashion trends, let me know! Let’s have a conversation, what’s your favourite era of fashion?






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