What’s my name?

She is always taunting you, she creeps up on you in the middle of the night & can make her presence be known as soon as you awaken in the morning, lingering in the background waiting for you to notice her.

But she’s a figment of your imagination isn’t she, does she even exist? because she doesn’t exist on a physical plane, but her presence always haunts you & taunts you till your chest feels tight & only gets tighter & tighter as you grasp for air, who is she, she is unreal but also real , in your mind. She’s not real but she is fear and she makes you adhere to her agenda, but really she is you, your shadow. Fear.

What could you do without this fear, what could you accomplish without her presence or even despite her presence,  maybe the more you ignore her the little her presence won’t matter, cause then you would make her feel less important or even unwanted of course she hates that & may attack even stronger, but who cares why let her control every aspect of your life, cage you inside of yourself, claw at your life, choke the breath out of you, that everything would go blurry & clouded, enclose the walls on yourself & suck the life out of you until nothing was left anymore, the battle & discomfort is always worth it when you truly know & understand your time is limited & then you realize you can be limitless. 

Would you rather be under her control, invisible, without matter, does she even matter?


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