Traffic Jam of Thoughts

Thought I’d capture my discomfort in real time, this was written when in the middle of the day I started to feel overwhelmed…

Ahh, when it creeps up on you the rush of thoughts,
Clock ticking, tic toc, tic toc, fix the clock
Throw the clock, traffic jam of thoughts 
too many thoughts & now you can’t connect the dots

It’s getting hazy, makin’ me crazy,
you can’t see when you get stuck in a rut,
dazed and confused,
it’s time to shhh…
shut it off enough of the rush hour

Stop & get back into your body,
your mind has lost the keys now,
your body will help you release it,
it turns into the keys.

Close your eyes, now just breath.

All your answers lie within your inhale & exhale.
That’s all you need. Your Breath


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