The Queen of The Tides

Why do I let my emotions eat me, sometimes they taste so good, sometimes they lure me into dreams that twirl around my desires & evoke more joy for me to binge on, but sometimes they drag me into the mud to make sure I don’t forget, forget what it feels like to cry, that my eyes get so dry I don’t even wanna try but sigh. Ahh & then my favourite, to fly so high I ride the horizon with sun & the clouds oh I can’t come down.

Ahhh. to feel so deeply is a curse & a blessing, do you feel me? Do you feel you touch the peak of the mountains to eventually come crumbling down & feel like a grain of sand lost in the radiating dry heat of the desert.

Taste the sweet sap of your emotions, the tides that like to unwind, are there to hide the unstable grounds that feels like it’s constantly changing, but it’s not, it’s you, fluid, yet can never be held always moving, calm yet rapturous and destructive, but always evolving


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