Life Of A Rose

In a deep slumber resting, harnessing energy and wandering in the dark plane of existence, all around this soft yet gritty substance, it was nourishing yet I started to feel like I was suffocating, this slumber started to feel very long….

Ahh after many last I can wriggle & become mobile, I have garnered enough energy & power to lift myself up & slowly I start to emerge, I once was a seed but now a bud that it emerging from the ground ahh I feel so alive now, awaken from my slumber. I see the light now, It’s so warm and welcoming, it’s the Sun, she said she was so happy to see me, she was waiting for my arrival, that automatically made me burst with joy inside, it felt like a 1000 fireworks had went off inside me I was just beaming and ready to be leaping. It made my heart swell I started to propel my head up, I wanted to leap & the Sun said “Just wait a little longer, your time will come, you have to come face to face with my companion, Water, the life giver” Then suddenly I got tingles and shivers up my stem and soon the Sun parted goodbye.

I waited several days longer than I thought I would to see & feel water, I started to feel restless and weak. Then my thorns grew in & I felt stronger, the willpower & strength the Sun gave me never failed me I kept her close to my heart. Then finally amidst all the tension & waiting in the dark of dawn I came in contact with water, she spoke to me and came through to me as rain & for that I was so grateful, I was ready to bow down to her, she said “no my darling” & lifted me up & said “You’re a resilient one, your faith & strength means everything to me and you set a great example to your brothers and sisters”

Then she poured a thousand blessings on me. I was so grateful that I started to radiate and my petals started to stretch and dance ahhh they came alive out of excitement, there I blossomed & became a rose.

Red Rose

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