The Journey

The Journey of a million steps starts with one, this is the story of one of those journeys, which touches millions of lives.

What is this black void? Where am I? I feel electric, I am growing, I feel like a string of energy almost pulsing, I can see particles floating closer to me, the more I see the more my energy grows & I feel charged. As they come closer they become a part of me, I start to grow more, I feel brighter, I am brighter, I become lighter & I am able to float more swiftly. I eventually become faster, I start spinning I feel more alive. The more gratitude I show the stronger I get the more love & passion I feel the more expansive I become, my growth becomes immeasurable I start to expel the energy I consume, I soon attract masses of being who appreciate the energy I expel, they consume & grow from it too, they grow in different forms & shapes all unique from each other but from the same energy. Many others come to visit me from places far away they say  I’m the plug for everyone, they feel charged by my presence they almost become me when they consume my essence, it’s elixir they say.

The story of a star…

The story of the sun..

The story of the universe….to be continued

The art that inspired this was from a piece painted on my notebook, as I painted… these words started pouring out of me and I had to let them out. If you would like to see the speed process of the painting you can check out the Youtube video I made of it below.

Speed painting of art that inspired these words.

Galaxy Magic Painting

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