Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Stress!

Fall is right around the corner which means for a lot of us change in our routines we got more going on and maybe things don’t seem as relaxed or we feel overwhelmed or stressed. Which trust me transitioning into going back to school and graduating soon and facing the real world has given me anxiety and all kinds of panic attacks, which is when I realize I need to take a step back & breath!  A little change can be refreshing and rejuvenating to the senses, it shakes things up & gets us out of that comfort & slumber, but of course sometimes we feel overwhelmed by change.

My tips to press the restart button & to better ease you into transition/change and or deal with stress or anxiety, include the following:

1. Meditate or have a gratitude practices or grounding practice (breathing)

This helps to slow your brain down especially if you over think like me and helps you to be more centered and a tuned with your body and mind.

2. Move your body in the morning (Even if it’s for 5 min)

Our bodies were meant to get moving it’s how our ancestors survived and it’s a great way to clear mind and get your blood flow going and promote clarity in your thinking. (on top of the many scientific studies and research that backs up the many benefits of my last 2 points)

3. Self-care/ nourishing practices once a week

Take the time pause, we are all running around sometimes like chickens with our head cut off. We need to slow down & appreciate what we have. I do this by doing yin yoga & going to church once a week, it helps me to slow down, be more patient and allow for more space for peace/ self-love by not rushing around and tuning into myself .

4. Know that you are ‘enough’ I am enough & trust in yourself

Life is short, we need to get out of our own heads & the rat race once in while, plug away from your phones and social media, then go spend time with friends and family. Relationships and a sense of community, really helps us as humans, it shows that it has a  great impact on our mental health, along with staring at some green, so grab a friend and go outside and look at the beautiful green tree outside your office, it’s scientifically proven to calm your nerves down.

Most of these tips are all interconnected and really help me stay mentally stable (lol I actually mean it) and stop me from bursting into flames caused by pent up stress and anger, they are also a great way to release stress and built up emotions, while checking in with ourselves! I hope these tips help you guys and maybe shift your perspective and make you look forward to change, there so much opportunity that awaits us all when we get out of our comfort zones! Comment and let me know what your tips are to un-wind and reset your body and mind!

Love, Flo 🙂


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