From Stone to Roses

When you have been in pain so much, that the idea of letting someone in would feel as if you would crumble & be left for dust to ashes. The pain that you inflicted on someone else but which resulted in you inflicting pain on yourself & allowing it to fester. It festers so much that it acts as a veil of smoke around your eyes & your heart, burning you as you try to see through it but it becomes your lens & your crutch for how you give & receive love, tainted, but can you help it’s the only way you know how to live & love with too much caution. 

But once you spend more time with yourself, lil by lil pouring patience and drops of care that transforms into love, from the stone cracks around your heart, all that those droplets & pouring will sprout a seed, a seed filled with nourishment that will transform into a bud, as that bud unravels into a rose, and peaks through the cracks, the stone will slowly disappear, and love will grow and your heart may glow.

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