Banksy in Toronto

Banksy’s Exhibition has arrived in Toronto, me and my friends went to go visit the Β  exhibition. He has some cool pieces up, thought provoking pieces but a little bit pricey for $35, if you ask me for street art. Hey wait this is street art now & an exhibition on street art actually seems […]

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Art at the ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum has many cool artifacts if your a nerd like me & have a love for history, art or science, than ROM is the spot ,yes I am sure you went with your grade 8 class here on a field trip still cool nonetheless! Most people go there for all the historical […]

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The Artist Project – Toronto

The Artist Project is a contemporary art exhibition in Toronto. The exhibition runs from February 22nd to February 25th showcasing 100’s of artists with an enormous variety of styles all beautiful in their own ways. Every booth is an opportunity to look through the artists unique lens and provide a fresh perspective for anyone who […]

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